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Review of “The History News”

History News Network at George Washington University offers students the opportunity to follow the latest developments in history through newsletters. The magazine covers major historical periods, including American history, world history, and civil war. It also publishes special issues to celebrate the achievements of women in history, and the different areas that explore serious topics of interest to students. In addition to the regular newsletter, the network offers a number of podcasts dedicated to the history industry.

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The History News Network features an editor-in-chief, Mary E. Collins, who serves as associate editor and reporter for HN. Ms. Collins has extensive experience as an assistant professor of history at the University of Maryland College Park and has served as a freelance journalist covering a wide range of topics for the past 25 years. Her expertise and enthusiasm help put current events in the context of the historic events and figures.

The editor-in-chief’s wide-ranging experience provides a unique opportunity for college students to become acquainted with history while developing their own personal history and learning how to become experts in their own right. Her wide-ranging interests help hone her expertise on all different aspects of history. Ms. Collins serves as the voice of HN, which she founded in 2001. She is an editor for HN’s award winning podcasts, and she also writes for the History Buff, a monthly ezine devoted to history and education. In addition to her regular contribution to HN, Ms. Collins also serves as the communications director for the History News Network.

As editor-in-chief of HN, Ms. Collins oversees all facets of the publication, working directly with writers and producers to ensure that content is consistently updated. Through this role, she meets regularly with editors and producers to address feedback and changes. A dedicated editor, she personally reviews manuscripts to ensure that they are being written in line with the magazine’s direction. Beyond this, she reviews submitted material to the editor and helps to screen those pieces for suitability. In addition to her involvement within HN, Ms. Collins is also a contributor to numerous online publications and has presented research at various academic conferences and forums. Through her extensive experience in media and academe, Ms. Collins brings the bright perspective of history to her readers in both her print and digital publications.

Beyond her publications at HN, Ms. Collins is an active member of several local history clubs and advisory groups. She is active in her local community as well as representing the history community in high school and college events, including serving as co-chair for the student government at her alma mater. Ms. Collins is open and willing to talk with students about her publication and what she hopes to accomplish through it. She is very proud of her achievements as editor-in-chief and is eager to share her views on history with current and future students.

Beyond her work within HN, Ms. Collins is an active participant in her community and works to raise money for historical preservation through her volunteer work. She enjoys studying world religions and history and using her studies to teach herself about world religions and their histories. Ms. Collins is well known among her peers for her knowledge and enthusiasm for world history. She is open and willing to discuss her publication with students and share her views on world history and religion.