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Requirements For a Newscaster in the Sun News Media Group

Well I am pleased to inform you that after three and a half years of serving as the newspapper for the last two major Newspapers in Ottawa I have finally been given the reins to take the reigns and become the first newspapper in almost two decades. It is a humbling honor and a dream come true. Much more so since I will now be able to devote my time and effort towards something that I love. I will be starting a new period in my life as the head of the Citizen News Group, Ottawa.


The transition has not been without its hiccups so far but my work for the Citizen has always been my favorite part in the job. In fact, I nearly gave up on it when I realized that I would no longer be the only newspapper for the city. That particular feeling stopped me in my tracks and I have since taken great pride in serving the city of Ottawa as the ror pointsman for both the Sun and the Register. So I will now turn my attention to getting the newcommers to start posting their stories to the Sun and Register.

I have always felt that the role of the newspapper/argonator should embody an important role in broadcasting the community. As such I will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that my voice is heard by all residents of the city of Ottawa. Some of the things that I will be doing are posting the stories and blogs on the City Hall website, engaging with the community through the Citizen News Network (CN). I will also continue my efforts to serve the citizens through various projects and speaking engagements. In order to properly represent the community, I need a unique, beautiful voice that captures the attention of the people who read the news.

I have studied a variety of diverse news reporters who succeed in bringing local citizen attention to issues and concerns. Some have the right tone, voice and way of presenting the news whereas others fail to connect with the reader. A news reporter must have outstanding listening skills. It is important that he or she be able to understand the audience and use this understanding to create stories that connect to the hearts and minds of the readers. I believe that this ability is part of what I need to become a Sun piper and therefore I will be working towards improving my communication skills with the news outlets.

Another skill that I will need to develop as a news reporter is developing my written skills. My goal will be to develop news reports and articles that engage the reader and provide information that is meaningful to the community. I will be working with a freelance writer who has expertise in the fields of health, crime, business and other topics that are needed to fill the roles of the Sun piper. The freelance writer will not only need to understand the importance of my role as the newscaster but I will need his/her support to help me learn the ropes of the trade. We will be working hard together in order to build a successful profession for the both of us.

Last but certainly not least, my final requirement to become a Sun piper will be to make myself accessible to the community. One way of doing this will be to hold town-hall meetings with the Sun piper groups that are located in the neighborhoods where I serve. I will be doing my best to represent the community in an effective manner. I will be inviting the community members to voice their opinions on various community related issues. This will not only help me build strong relationships with the community members but will also encourage them to help me promote the good news that I am spreading!