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History News: How We Think

History News Network at George Washington University offers a venue for academics to write about current events while gaining exposure to new research areas. History News Network features many periodicals on various topics including politics, current events, and world events from around the world. The network also publishes edited manuscripts, short stories and non-fiction books, as well as one journal that is co-published by HN. All of these are available online through a variety of media. Some of the published periodicals include: American History Review, Civil Wars in America, Europe and World History, First World Problems, Hitler’s War, Inglourious Bounds, Joseph Stalin’s War, and World at War.

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In preparation for the fall of the Berlin wall, the German history news site quoted historian Dr. Richard Samuels about the future of the World War II. According to Dr. Samuels, “The second world war is not over. It will begin again, perhaps not in blood but certainly in fire.” According to the website, the flames may continue to burn brightly in places such as the former Yugoslavia, China, Vietnam, and Israel; as conflicts continue to rage in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

Dr. Richard Samuels is the president of the American history association and he predicted the fall of the Berlin wall. In an interview with Voice of America, he stated that “If history is to be studied at all it has to be studied in light of world history, which seems to be always in a state of flux.” In fact, he said that the discovery of the German chambers where the German concentration camp victims were killed is part of the current events in history that is relevant today.

Speaking of the future of history, the news portal went on to say that there will be another world war and it will be more difficult to predict. The world war II “may” be the beginning of the end for World War III and if so, this means that we may be living in a time warp where the future is already written. The news anchor reported that a war could happen anywhere in the world within a decade and it will likely involve all the major players in the game. Such as; Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and the United States.

These news agencies also noted that the Internet has influenced the way that we look at the past. We no longer look at it through newspapers, television shows, or the radio. We log on to the web to read up about what’s happening in the world and all we can see from the news portal is the headlines. When we are reading what we can find in the web, we need to realize that while it may seem like history is being made in the headlines, what is really being said is only part of the larger history lesson.

There are many websites that offer information on world history and the best place to go for the most current information is on a world wide web. You need to know how you can subscribe to such news portal websites so you are always kept well-informed on all current affairs. With the use of modern technology, these news portals are able to provide all the information that you would ever need or want about any specific topic of interest. All you need to do is visit their website and sign up for their service.