Four Main Articles About History

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Four Main Articles About History

History is the systematic study of history. The entire course of human history is known as the history of history. Ancient events before the invention of written languages are often viewed as prehistorical. “Prehistorical history” is an umbrella phrase covering prehistorical events and the subsequent memory, compilation, interpretation, discovery, documentation, and the reporting of those events. Modern man has called this portion of the archiving history. This portion of history often presents a problematic picture of human history.

Cultural history describes the culture of a society. The various types of history such as literary, artistic, political, and intellectual are the product of culture. A society’s culture is most frequently shaped by social norms, interactions within the family, and the values that have become part of a culture over time. Over time the various forms of history will emerge and interact. This historical process, however, does not occur uniformly throughout history.

Public history is a field of study that seeks to document historical events and the impact they have had on society. Public historians examine the impact that past governments, institutions, individuals, or ideas have had on the development of society as a whole. Public historians also search for information regarding past events in other geographic areas besides the United States. This field of study utilizes the resources and expertise of many different historians and researchers.

Environmental history is concerned with understanding the effects of natural events on society. For example, floods can flood lands and wipe out villages. Scientists use records of natural events to document the destruction and assess the threat to human life posed by such events. Another form of environmental history concerns how humans relate to nature. Cultural environmental historians study how people in various cultures affect and interact with nature.

One of the most important fields of study is world history. World history as a subject has been written about since the 15th century. The main article dealing with world history can be found in four parts: ancient history, world civilization, the age of empire, and the European Renaissance. Each of these parts of the main article provides an overview of a particular region’s historical development and traces the development of world civilization through the ages.

Social history departments study events and circumstances that affect ordinary people. These historians examine everyday life in all parts of the world to identify how people from different backgrounds have shaped their societies. Their research usually covers broad topics like gender, ethnicity, nationalities, religion, class, war, or disability. Some social history departments also write about the history of modernity, the rise and fall of great empires, or the rise and fall of specific political systems such as capitalism or communism.