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History News – Facts Galore!

History News Network at George Washington University provides a platform for students to read about current topical events in history. Students have a choice of subscribing to one of three historical news networks, which are all archived and make available to the public HN, HG, or WW. HN is the network that can be subscribed to provide the most current news information and can be found on the home page. HG is the network that are archived and oldest and can be accessed from a news category on the left side of the page. Finally, WW is the network that can be accessed through the program menu or through a subscription from the right hand side of the page.

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HN offers some of the best current events coverage with a focus on world events, but it is also geared to helping students develop a more holistic view of history. Students will have the opportunity to subscribe to a specific time period, such as the 16th century. Subscribing to a time period allows you to read about how different people in history developed and respond to particular circumstances. Your subscriptions to historical perspectives can help put current events into perspective.

There are many ways to use this service. For example, if you want to learn more about the development of capitalism, you can search through the categories of the 16th century and gain a comprehensive overview of how capitalism developed throughout Europe and affected countries around the world. Likewise, if you are interested in learning more about the Civil War, you can browse the timeline of the Civil War and gain a thorough understanding of how the conflict developed and changed the landscape of the US. Subscribing to ahistorical fact sheets will allow you to look at the significance of historical facts, regardless of your particular field of study.

Other types of historical news include breaking news, political events, and celebrity news. Breaking news features stories that are immediately noticeable and effecting the general public. They are usually associated with crimes, such as kidnappings or natural disasters. Political events are generally covered when leaders of countries or certain political movements issue statements about specific issues. Celebrity news tends to be released by the media surrounding the person, such as their personal lives or accomplishments.

If you are researching a historical fact sheet, it is important to look at several sources. Official government documents and related sites are great, but they do not always include the most current information. There are also independent researchers who focus on current events and collect newsworthy data from a number of sources. Websites such as Google News and Digg are great for digging up the latest information. These sites are also helpful if you want to find a local event or piece of news from a non-traditional source.

If you have a limited amount of time, it is helpful to make note of important dates in history. It is easy to lose sight of important details when reading through the daily newspaper. By submitting a short comment on an article about a significant event or topic, you can give someone an idea about what you know and why you would like to know. While it may take some effort to write your own comments, it can be the first step towards understanding your own history.