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WoW PvP Guide

The newspapper has always been a necessary evil in the game World of Warcraft. In fact it is one of the first things that any WoW player will need to do when they start out. There is not much more aggravating than being attacked by a mob while you are trying to gather herbs. In the old days this was quite common and could be easily handled by simply running past the mob. Today you need a profession that allows you to listen to the warning sirens and then proceed to do your job.


Thankfully there is now a new profession that can handle both these problems. You can make your own PvP siren or DPS siren and both of them will alert you with their unique sounds. You will also need to know which mobs have a high health, and therefore the best place to attack them. When you go to build the character sheet, make sure to put in your PvP ror PvP abilities and pass all of the tests to get it right.

Having a good PvE raider in your party is important. But what if you have a PvE raider but he is too low level for the boss? Well you will need to do some patching. You can start by creating a new character and then assign him to the boss of the area you want him to go fight. The downside to this is that sometimes players don’t realize that they have been assigned to a low level boss. It is possible to use the #help channel on the WoW forums to find that quests and areas are hard to complete without a good raider.

When you choose the raider profession, you will also need to pick up some enchants. Some enchants can boost the damage done by a pet. If you don’t like the idea of enchanting your own pets, you can always use the #enchantedhelp channel on the WoW forums to ask for help or get ideas on what enchants you need. My four favorite enchants (blessings, protection, spirit, and wisdom) I use on my PvP pet: Shroomopportune Pet, Shroomoaf Shot, and Rotted Slots. Each one of them boosts my pet’s damage output and makes leveling faster.

Other than pets you will need some very efficient PvP gear. This means PvP gear that is not only strong but that also provides some kind of defense against the different damage types that are part and parcel of PvP combat. I have found two players on the server that sell some really neat PvP gear. You can check out their websites for more information on where to get the best PvP gear. In my last post I gave an overview of how to do PvP and explained how to do it effectively.

Overall I am very happy with the PvP role playing experience I have so far. The Polarity police captain has helped me learn a lot about myself and the game. If you are interested in getting started with PvP then the PvP professions guide is the best place to start. In my last post I explained how to play PvP, and this was part one of my series on the topic. In my next post I will discuss what builds and specs I use to get the most out of playing PvP in World of Warcraft.