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What Is The Post Office Of Nigeria Doing?

The Punch Bowl is a website that offers free to read news. The site is also paid advertising supported by Google. You have to pay before you can access news on The Punchbowl online. Even though they profit from advert, consider its ridiculous to still be paying for news to read and view online. What you get for your money instead is quality information from real people.


In this first part of a two part series on The newspapper, we look into the background of The newspapper and where it came from. We also take a look at our favorite news blog, The Antithreader, and what makes it unique amongst all other blogging websites on the Internet. In the second part of this article we dig into the actual content of The newspapper and how it has affected people in Nigeria. In the third part we shall look at why the readers of The newspapper are happy and why The Antithreader is doing well. In the last part of the article we shall see whether blogging will ever become truly equal to the status of print media like newspapers.

The newspapper was launched by a young tech guy called Anthony Gaudry, who used to work at Deloitte Access. When he left to start his own consultancy he decided to launch a blog on IT related topics. This is where the idea for The Antithreader was born; a site that would act as a social platform for IT professionals in Nigeria.

Gaudry’s beautiful voice draws people towards the site; people who like his content. Blogs were very taboo back then, but thanks to Gaudry’s vision and hard work, that taboo is broken. Now blogging is not just a hobby; it is a business with millions of users in China alone. The need geni is huge too, with the need for more content to be published on a daily basis. So, having a big audience is not a problem for The Antithreader. The success of The Antithreader is due to its ability to deliver fresh content on a daily basis, even when there are no new products being launched.

To make sure that The Antithreader delivers the right amount of fresh information, Anthony Gaudry makes sure that the content on this website is always based on current news and trends. He also ensures that the posts on this site are informative and not promotional. This is why the last post on The Antithreader was a must read one month before it was launched. On this post, Gaudry spoke about the importance of having a great last post; something that will motivate the reader and give them a sense of knowing where they are heading. This is exactly what the readers of The Antithreader are looking for.

One example of a post on The Antithreader that caught everybody’s attention was the one wherein Anthony Gaudry spoke about how the economic situation in Nigeria is slowly but surely changing. The way things are done in Nigeria will definitely attract the attention of people in the U.K. and beyond. In fact, many companies have already launched projects in Nigeria due to the huge potential the oil rich country has. One such company is BP, which is known to have a big stake in Nigeria. However, it appears that The Antithreader is already influencing the minds of residents of Nigeria and the world at large.