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HNN: Online History News Reports

History News Network, formerly known as HNN, has been launched by George Washington University. History News Network is a venue for historians to write about current events from all over the world. The network has recently become one of the top ranked websites on the internet for historians. HNN publishes short reports and feature stories in addition to traditional news stories. In this article I will present an example of what is included in the “About” section on the History News Network website.

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A quick glance at HNN’s About HNN page shows that it contains links to current events, history and technology, education and hobbies. The “About” section of the site offers editors, writers and interns opportunity to add their personal information. This is a great way for university officials to help put current events in the spotlight. I particularly appreciate the opportunity for George Washington University to feature historians who have an expertise in military history and to include this information in their HNN portal.

When a reader takes the time to read through the About HNN page and click on their favorite writer or historian, what does they see? The About HNN page features recent articles written by George C. Marshall as well as previous articles written by him. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Elihuahua and Washington, Thomas Jefferson are some of the featured individuals. Some interesting facts about George Washington, such as his connection toedar trees and Washington, the first President of the United States, is also revealed. These tidbits can prove to be quite educational to those looking for a little background on George Washington, the First President of the United States.

What is even more interesting about HNN is the website’s editor-in-chief, Holly Dickson, who is a history PhD specializing in U.S. history. Dickson is currently the Executive Director of Graduate Studies in Public History at George Washington University. HNN has a rich history of breaking major news stories, from breaking the Monica Lewinsky story to the Abu Grave Massacre and many others. With a website that reaches out to college students as well as professionals, HNN continues to garner attention from all walks of life.

Another interesting fact about HNN is its archive. The Archives section offers users the opportunity to browse through archived news reports, select which ones they wish to keep, and make note of the URL for future reference. In the past, the Archives section was only accessible to subscriber members, but today any university student with a history background and access to the Internet can read through the archived history news reports. For history buffs, the HNN archives offer a wealth of information.

Although a great deal of information may not be immediately apparent to students who are new to the history field, the HNN website makes a great resource for anyone interested in the past. Students who have a penchant for reading up on various topics would do well to browse through the website. Even those with an interest in the military would benefit from having a full history lesson sitting right there on their computer screen!