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History News Network (HNN). The History News Network (HN) at George Washington University has been a venue for historians to discuss current events. HNN is operated by Richard Shenkman, who is the noted author of multiple legends, lies and cherished myths of world history. Since the network was established, more than one hundred of writers have contributed articles to the network. Some notable contributors include:

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Dr. Lloyd Parks, author of a new history book on the rise and fall of the Third Reich, writes an article entitled “Auschwitz and the Holocaust” in the February/March issue. Dr. Park contends that the “holocaust” was not the extermination of Jews, but was rather a planned method of mass murder using gas chambers, poison gas and Zyklon B. According to Dr. Park, the “holocaust” was planned by Nazi Germany in the 1940’s with the assistance of an American-Jewish Agency headed by a man named Chaim Weisman. Chaim Weisman was a member of the Irgun, an underground Jewish fighting group. The Irgun planned to use concentration camps as a means to quickly eliminate the German military presence in the 1940’s. Chaim Weisman proposed that the Lod Brogan, a tiny kibutzky which had become the center of Binyamin’s activities, be used as a facility to house thousands of German Jews who would then be gassed and exterminated at the nearby camp.

Another contributor to the History News Network (HN), Dr. Barry Murabsky, discusses the recent historical discovery of a previously undiscovered ancient civilization in the Cenozoic era. Dr. Murabsky is a professor of paleontology at the University of Utah, College of Natural Resources and ecology department at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Environmental Research in Boulder, Colorado. In his recent book, Ancient Times: A geological Atlas of the Human Race, Dr. Murabsky has made an impressive contribution to our knowledge of the early evolution of mankind. Murabsky discovered the previously unknown Paleoamericanans, which are now known as the oldest inhabitants of what is now the United States. The book is the first comprehensive survey of prehistoric human populations in the New World and parts of Asia.

A critical review of HN, focusing on current events, is also provided by Dr. Robert Jurmain, who is a professor emeritus at the University of Utah, College of Science and Space Science. Mr. Jurmain, like Dr. Park, is a member of the History Network. He co-authored an article with Dr. Park, appearing in the June 8th edition of History News Today. According to the History News Today article, Jurmain states that he is not trying to defraud readers, but is urging caution when evaluating sources of information, particularly online. According to the same article, Jurmain also indicated that he would support any efforts by the United Nations and other international groups to bring peace and stability to disputed regions through history news and documentation.

One of the areas in which HN excels is in covering recent developments within the Middle East and North Africa region. This is because a significant amount of history news from this region often remains unknown to Western readers. For example, according to a review of HN by CNN, it was revealed that Islamic terrorists had recruited former US soldiers as suicide bombers in Iraq. The terrorists were later caught by American forces and killed. Although this story remains largely unknown to the public, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that lie ahead for the people of Iraq and the broader Middle East.

In addition to this history, Dr. Jurmain provides interviews with prominent figures from both the West and East. Interviewing personalities ranging from Nelson Mandela to Hugo Chavez, from Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, the HN presents a unique window into the world today. In many cases, these interviews are quite moving and provide insight into how ordinary people live their lives, and how the history of the world relates to their struggles for freedom and social change. For anyone looking for current information on world affairs, and especially news regarding conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, HN can be a valuable resource. In this sense, HN serves a unique purpose, as it not only provides up to date news on important issues but also human interest stories, which in many ways are perhaps more important than the actual news itself.