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History News – For History Enthusiasts

History News is an official magazine of AASLH, the American Association of State History Directors. It links the involved individuals to each other, sharing ideas, news, issues, research, and every other. By exposing the relevant news, exposing the history as it happens, inspiring current concerns, challenging those who preserve, and linking people who can relate to a common cause, it informed, motivate, clarifies, and discusses the history as it concerns the future. Through concise articles, up-to-date research, current events, important current issues, and features that invite submissions, History News is an informative, entertaining, current, and enlightening magazine for everyone interested in history. With a staff of knowledgeable authors, editors, designers, producers, marketers, and readers in the nation and abroad, History News caters to every history enthusiast on every level, from newbies to experienced hands.

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The mission of the History News is “to contribute to the growth and maintenance of historical communities by providing the information, education, culture, knowledge, skills, values, awareness, leadership, public awareness, commitment, leadership, technical knowledge, and friendship required for lasting historic associations and society.” While many publishers provide magazines for general history, few publish one dedicated to the study or research of the history of America. History News features original essays, reviews, feature stories, history news and links to important information. Issues are timely and include articles dealing with current political events, including the presidential race, the Supreme Court, legislative action and debates in both chambers, the House and the Senate, controversial book laws, school shootings, controversies in religion and politics, immigration issues, the media, celebrities, video games, history memorabilia, the arts, geography, travel, food, history, sports, technology, films, and TV programs.

Issues of History News are published quarterly and are designed to be both entertaining and informative. The first issue of the magazine will contain an overview of current events with a critical eye. Issues may then include critical analysis, commentaries, essays, personal stories and memoirs, as well as profiles of individuals in the field. Additional feature stories will appear each quarter with an emphasis on current events, politics, pop culture and Hollywood. The magazine can also include special sections that focus on a variety of topics.

History News has a strong emphasis on world history, American history, European history, Jewish history, Early American history, immigration history, Native American history, South American history, the arts and history, wildlife and history, and alternative history. Issues are reviewed by an editor with a history enthusiast in mind. Special sections of the magazine include those focusing on food, entertainment, books, music, crafts, history, movies, television shows, books, history memorabilia, history websites, sex and dating advice. Issues of History News have won the Readers’ Favorite award five times. Issues have also won several awards, including the Consumers’ Choice Award and Readers’ Fave Award.

The History News web site is a repository of interesting articles on history. The site also provides links to additional interesting sites. Issues of the magazine can be subscribed online through a subscription form on the History News web site or through the magazine itself. Issues are mailed monthly to the main address provided on the History News web site or directly to the individual subscriber. A history enthusiast will enjoy reading issues of the magazine.

The History News web site provides valuable information for anyone interested in the history field. It features a large database of articles on all aspects of history. Issues of the magazine are available for subscribers who sign up at the History News web site. Subscribers have the opportunity to download and read previous issues. The web site is ideal for individuals who are not able to attend regular history courses in college or university and those with less than a passing interest in history in general. For history enthusiasts, the History News subscription is a good value.