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Education News Keeps Educators In Shape

education news

Education News Keeps Educators In Shape

Education news is not a favorite topic of many politicians, teachers, parents or educational journalists. Certainly, most people are interested in the day to day happenings within the classroom, the schools and school districts, curriculum and testing scores. But there is another important area of education that few pay attention to – public education news. It is one of the most important areas because it touches on critical issues that affect students, parents and educators all over the country every day.

Newspapers, television and radio are all focused on important events. But there is another important arena of education news that gets little attention, at least not from the regular news readers. It’s online. Yes, there are many schools, communities, cities and schools that have their own websites. And, the number of students and parents who choose to go online for their news is growing every year. So what is this education news and how does it affect parents, students and educators?

One of the most important issues that face students and teachers alike is teacher compensation and professional indemnity insurance. These two topics appear almost on the same page with a little word substituting. Compensation and indemnity cover any liability or claims that may be filed by students against their schools, teachers and school districts. Both are important to protect and ensure the right of students to learn and be taught in an environment that meets their specific needs.

Another important arena of education news is teacher certification news. This seems like a topic that doesn’t need to be discussed, but is actually very important to both teachers and administrators. It discusses the fact that some states are mandating certain teacher standards and assessments in order to award teacher certificates.

Some of these requirements, such as the National Association of School Psychologists, which is responsible for the AP exam requirements in nearly every state. States like Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, Virginia and New Hampshire are among the majority of states requiring new teacher training and classroom demonstration before receiving certification. Also important to note is that a growing number of schools are now making the entire teaching process available online. This includes not only traditional face to face teaching, but also incorporating online learning into the curriculum.

Other topics of interest covered in education news include increasing the numbers of people enrolled in accredited colleges and universities, and the growing numbers of teachers being retrenched or laid off. The growing trend of ” credential mill ” credential inflation ” is leading to inflated numbers of people seeking credentials, at a time when more people are looking for part time jobs or work at home. This demand for education news sources has led to educational websites with huge followings. For teachers, news of job openings, new methods of teaching and the availability of high quality materials for the classroom are all important topics to be considered.