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About Education

about education

About Education

Education is the systematic process of enabling people to acquire knowledge, skills, abilities, values, beliefs, morals, and attitudes. Educational systems include formal teaching, coaching, counseling, role playing, and directed study. The objective of education is to empower people to live their lives free from prejudices, superstitions, and to pursue knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of society. Education encourages individuals to learn and make contributions to society.

Education develops individuals’ intellectual, emotional, physical, social, linguistic, and personal development. Through education, the individual is enabled to develop his potentialities, choose his interests, develop goals and resolve problems. Individuals, through education, develop self-discipline, responsibility, self reliance, and adaptability to different circumstances. Education develops individual’s aptitude for learning. In the United States, in addition to books, reading materials, and the traditional classroom teaching, there are many other ways to enhance children’s education such as home schooling, private tutoring programs, and community education.

In a country where majority of the population is suffering from poverty, child poverty is increasing and the quality of education is declining. A well-led, well-disciplined educational system is essential for the development of any child. It helps to reduce poverty and improves the standard of living. The social and economic advantages of an educated child are immense. The social and economic disadvantage of a child deprived of the right environment to learn and grow and learn properly is immense.

Parents play a vital role in developing a child’s education. They should be educated so that they can take good care of their children. Parents should be encouraged to seek higher education. Government has several financial aids for parents who want to send their children to private schools, Christian schools, or other religious-based institutions. Many parents are also encouraged to go to night school to complete their schooling.

Parents should choose a school that will give them the flexibility to teach their children at their own pace and on their own terms. They should be able to join or re-join the education program during their working life. The quality of education should not be sacrificed just because a student has poor grades in a particular subject. There should always be a strong emphasis on academics. Good academics are important for a bright future.

Education should not be limited to what teachers say. Parents should be encouraged to share ideas with their children in the classroom. It is necessary for parents to get involved in the education system from the primary grade to college. There are many government programs that can help improve the quality of education for parents. These programs are funded by the federal and state governments.