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About Education

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, social behaviors, values, attitudes, and beliefs, or learning. Educational systems may include primary education, secondary education, post-secondary education, technical or vocational education, post-high-school education and lifelong learning. The curriculum of a certain school varies according to the age, level of learning, interests, abilities and motivation of students. These processes develop individuals’ talents and build their strengths.

about education

The role of education in society cannot be overemphasized. Without education, individuals are unable to participate in public life, politics, cultural activities and socialize with other people. Individuals who are well-educated possess a number of desirable characteristics such as creativity and innovation, leadership and commitment to improving the society and protecting human rights. They also contribute to scientific achievement and reap the benefits of scientific and technological innovations.

There are many factors that affect people’s choice of obtaining education. These include financial support, social background, ethnicity, family background and choice of study preferences. For those who cannot afford formal college education, there are many free online courses offered. Most universities and colleges offer financial aid programs for low-income and minority students who wish to further their studies. In recent years, private schools have increasingly become a popular choice for those looking to further their education.

A highly educated person is likely to have a high-paying job, be in top career positions and enjoy good social status. In this competitive and globalized world, it is important for individuals to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge so that they can perform at their highest potential. Learning is also encouraged because it promotes critical thinking and improves job performance and provides a broad range of knowledge which is necessary for individual development. On the other hand, ignorance can lead to major problems in society.

A key role in promoting an education system is played by parents. It is advisable for parents to ensure that their children attend school even if at home. The internet, television and mass media play a big part in disseminating information about education and it is important for parents to monitor what they read and view.

Another way of promoting education and learning is through clubs, organizations and classes. Clubs and organizations can be used to promote a range of educational activities such as creative learning and debates. Classes can help children identify different subjects and topics. Through debate, children are forced to participate and question those who hold a strong opinion on a specific topic. Children learn from these discussions, grow in their confidence and become more skilled in their particular field of interest. All of these ways of education are useful in molding young minds into responsible citizens.