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History is a study of history. Events prior to the invention of written records are often regarded as prehistoric. “Prehistoric history” is an overall umbrella term including prehistoric history, the history of the human race, and the history of history. Events that happened in the last Ice Age, such as the Younger Dryas period and the Thirteenth Century climate change, have been given the name “Paleolithic”. In some cases, events prior to the rise of civilization, such as hunting and gathering, can also be designated as prehistoric.

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The present age, which includes all the preceding eras mentioned above, has become known as the “Era of Growth”. Throughout the history of mankind, there are many advancements made in learning history. One such type of evolution is represented by the development of written communication. Throughout the years, developments in technology related to the history curriculum have also developed, including history software and electronic resources.

Educational researchers have created ads that offer students a comprehensive overview of all topics related to historical subjects. The development and technology available today offer greater flexibility in terms of presenting data in eds. In addition, educational research efforts have produced numerous educational resources in the areas of historical fact, such as websites, books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and audio/visual aids.

A variety of professional organizations throughout the world offer a variety of professional news and resources for both historians and students interested in learning about history. For example, the International Review Council offers a series of professional news, such as How the Experts Communicate, a semester-long professional series of essays and oral presentations. This series was created in collaboration with the International History Association and the European History Association. Other professional organizations offering eds include the Association of American Historians, the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Association of Middle Schools, the Curriculum Review Council, and the History Information Project.

The International Review Council develops and produces a number of professional journals on historical topics. These are available through libraries and schools. The International Review Council was established in 1974. In the introductory issue, the council described its mission as “to encourage debate and agreement regarding the interpretation of historical documents and other works of history.” Since then, the IRT has developed a number of professional journals that provide members a range of perspectives on a variety of historical issues.

In addition to these professional journals, the IRT supervises the production of a variety of educational resources that supplement traditional texts and feature a mix of scholars from various fields. An example of one of these educational resources is Learning History, which is distributed by the International Review Council. Learning History contains an assortment of essays, articles, and book reviews by eminent historians. This publication has helped to develop the field of learning history in a positive light.