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My History News – Scenarios That scaling the Globe

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My History News – Scenarios That scaling the Globe

History News Network (HNS) at George Washington University offers a network of historians writing on current events pertaining to their particular historical specialties. HNN was created by Richard Shenkman the author of several legends, myths and historical facts of world history. Richard is currently the Curator of the Center for American Historical Studies (CAHS), formerly located at the University of Virginia. The History News Network at HNS is a non-profit membership organization that aims to promote research, development, teaching, and community awareness of America’s history. Currently, over 900 members are participating in this nationally renowned networking organization.

As everyone is aware of, the first decade of the new millennium saw unprecedented and exciting historical discovery. What were these exciting historical discoveries? How can we anticipate our future? The answer lies in an assessment of our nation’s past: how do we move forward in a changing world, how can we discover the hidden history of our country?

In 20th century America, there were several important historical discoveries: the Civil War; the onset of the industrial revolution; the growth and emergence of the middle class; the invention of the wheel. There were also other less well-known inventions that had a profound impact on our society and economy. All these shaped the American people – their culture, values, and consciousness. It is with this knowledge and understanding of our past that we can assess the future of this great nation.

How can we find out about the hidden history of our country? One method is through the participation of those who have been privileged to experience it themselves. This can be achieved by joining online communities dedicated to the same purpose. Such communities allow scholars, curators, researchers, students, and amateurs to exchange views, memories, and information regarding their personal history or historical discovery. The most popular online groups dealing with these topics are My History and Lincoln – The First American President. The latter has become a haven for researchers, historians, students, and amateurs to exchange information regarding the history of the First American President and the American history in general.

One of the foremost events covered in My History News is the centennial of the first American president, John Adams. This is considered to be the First American Century. In this year, commemorations and events are planned to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the arrival of John Adams as the first US President. His presidency is notable for being the beginning of the American revolution. A number of multimedia productions dealing with the history news of the First American President will be aired on television and radio stations across the United States, as well as internationally.

Another area of focus in My History News is the second world war ii: The Battle of Stalingrad. The destruction of the German cities by the Soviet Union is shattering the pride and joy of the German people. In this installment of history news, you can read accounts of the amazing rescue effort by German forces after the Stalingrad attack. With the help of ordinary citizens like you and me, a new life has been created for those who survived the horrors of that war and the Stalingrad fire.